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Fifth Avenue Research Corp. provides research reports on various resource stocks with the goal of indentifying potential growth opportunities.

Our Team

Navroop S. Saran, P.Eng - CEO

Mr. Navroop Saran specializes in research for institutions and private companies, including those in mining and oil and gas industries. In his exciting career, Mr. Saran has had opportunities to work with various high-profile clients in the mining industry, including Teck Resources, BHP Billiton, Pequiven and Southern Peru Copper. Mr. Saran has also worked with a number of clients in the energy sector, including Imperial Oil, Shell, Chevron, Duke Energy, Spectra Energy and Husky Energy. Mr. Saran has a strong technical background and believes extensive research is the only way to unlock a company's resource potential. Many clients have hired Mr. Saran through various engineering consulting companies in a consulting and scouting capacity, where he determined the economic feasibility of potential projects.

Mr. Saran holds a BASc in chemical engineering from the University of British Columbia.

Gurkirpal S. Sangha, P.Eng, MBA - Senior Research Advisor

Mr. Gurkirpal Sangha currently works for an oil and gas company as a senior engineer. He has experience in oil sands upgrader and refinery operations, having dealt with project startup, expansion and commissioning. Mr. Sangha has also worked in the natural gas and plastics industries. His areas of specialty are conceptual planning and preparation of business plans to determine the rate of return on oil and gas projects.

Mr. Sangha holds a BASc in chemical engineering from the University of British Columbia and an MBA from the University of Alberta.

Balpreet Dhaliwal - Senior Research Advisor

Mr. Balpreet Dhaliwal currently works as a comptroller for a private conglomerate engaged in real estate, lending and foreign investment transactions with cumulative asset values of more than $1 billion over the last 10 years. His areas of expertise are internal control, analysis and preparation of financial statements, cash flow forecasting, risk assessment, tax reorganization and preparation of key financial indicators. These skills have given Mr. Dhaliwal extensive knowledge to help investors understand complex situations and transactions.

Mr. Dhaliwal holds a BBA from Simon Fraser University with a double major in economics and accounting.

Joseph N. Pasqua, P.Eng - General Manager

Mr. Pasqua manages day-to-day operations at Fifth Avenue Research Corp. He has worked in insurance underwriting and various sectors, including pulp and paper, food, chemical and petroleum industries. His diverse background has armed him with exceptional management skills. As needed, Mr. Pasqua also advises the research department on his areas of expertise.

Mr. Pasqua holds BASc in chemical engineering from the University of British Columbia.

Research Advisors

Each technical research report requires knowledgeable professionals to ensure due diligence and accuracy in reporting. Each research topic is supported by various members of our technical team, who provide individual insight according to specialized areas of expertise.

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